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B. FIT Injector

"Simple procedure with effective beauty change for all skin types"





The product injects solutions to the facial area in right quantity and speed
- Make easier to inject solutions with selected amount, speed and depth to the selected area
- Minimize drug loss by adopting advanced stopper (flowing backward technique)
- Wireless, small and lightweight design allows physicians to operate more precisely
- OLED screen adopted –> easy to control
- Lithium polymer battery adopted






Weight(g): 331 (Main body 150g/Battery 99/Holder 82)
size(mm): 172(L) x 29(W) x 44(H) including the cap
Available Syringe: 1cc, 5cc
Available Needle: single needle, 5 pins
Injection Mode(2 Modes):
- CONTINUOUS: Continuous Injecting
- DOSE: The fixed amount per shot (0.010ml – 0.1ml, adjusted by 0.001ml) 
Injection Depth: Show/ Normal/ Fast
Others: If you do not operate the injector for 3 min., it's power turns OFF automatically





Helps with natural and fast procedure effect and quick recovery

Hair loss,scalp stimulation,skin care, lipolysis, lifting,whitening,moisturizing,wrinkle, Improvement.

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